The Centaur Seaplane

Conventional seaplanes, or float planes, are limited in their ocean operations by poor wave handling, difficulties in docking with normal marine facilities, and high maintenance due to aluminium in a warm salt water environment. Their stepped hulls and additional float volume also cause drag, meaning they consistently under-perform compared to the payload range of land planes.

The Centaur Seaplane removes all these problems by combining sleek lines, a slender 'wave piercing' hull, folding wings and a single lifting point.

These unique features enable the Centaur to;.

  • Operate in open ocean conditions - Large wave height capacity
  • Operate in warm salt water - Composite structure for low maintenance
  • Interface with ships - with wings folded; single point lift aboard.
  • Interface with any existing marine facility - marina, pier, wall, etc

The Centaur can fulfill a multi-role application, combining the abilities of land planes, seaplanes, helicopters and fast patrol boats, while being able to compete on payload-range and cost with a conventional land plane.